Joseph Axtell and The Grow Pros - Joseph Axtell at The Grow Pros built 2 greenhouses for me

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A few months ago, I called Joseph Axtell at the Grow Pros in Penn Valley to have him come out the my property and do a bid for a large greenhouse for year-round organic gardening and a small greenhouse for a small medicinal marijuana garden.

I called Mr Axtell because a friend of mine referred him, and I was pretty happy I listened to my friend. Mr Axtell seemed genuinely interested in making sure I was a happy customer. He told me that his primary focus was to make me happy, because that was the best way for him to take care of himself. That stuck in my memory for some reason. Probably because Mr Axtell had this weirdly interesting habit of talking about himself in the 3rd person by saying stuff like "the best way for Joseph Axtell to take care of Joseph Axtell is to take care of you." At first it kind of annoyed me and then it kind of got stuck in my head. And then when he really delivered excellent service, I sort of appreciated the quirky "Joseph Axtell" third party stuff!

Mr Axtell made me promise that if I was impressed with his work and the amount of money I saved him, I would write him a review. I told him I would have to be pretty impressed, because I wasn't the kind of person to write a review unless I was very upset with the service.

The main reason I'm impressed enough to right a review is that Mr Axtell had some pretty creative ideas for my greenhouses that ended up saving me a lot of money. First of all, he really understood the weather issues up here in the mountains in terms of how that affected greenhouses. Plus he really understood growing things. I was very surprised that he wasn't just a guy who could build a greenhouse. He was someone who clearly had a lot of experience building and USING greenhouses and had spent some time figuring out really creative ways to get the most out of a greenhouse without spending a huge grip of cash doing it. I really appreciated his experience.

One thing Joseph did that saved me a lot of money was to get the most out of the standard greenhouse kits he used as the basis of both of my greenhouses. Because my property is in an area that doesn't have to worry about 2 feet of snow, he was able to use a little trick that allowed him to make me a 36 foot greenhouse out of a 24 foot greenhouse kit. He could stretch the spacing of the support pipes out a little more because I didn't have a huge snow load issue. I was like "Wow thanks!" and this is when he repeated his Joseph Axtell watching out for Joseph Axtell speech for like the 4th time and I laughed and started saying the words with him. LOL. It was almost like it was so kitschy it was cool or something! Just kidding, Joseph!

The other thing Mr Axtell did that blew my mind was design an indoor flowering curtain that was really reliable but really cheap. His idea was ingenious in fact. I would have never thought of something like he built. Plus it saved me a ton of money. I talked to another vendor about a flowering curtain and it was RIDICULOUS how much money they wanted for it. Joseph Axtell and The Gro Pros should get an award from NORML or something because his idea for a marijuana flowering curtain (while manual rather than automated) is brilliant. It's cheap. It's easy. It works. It's reliable. His indoor blackout curtain is a game-changer for me. I'm in love with my medicinal marijuana greenhouse!

In fact, I'm in love with both of the large greenhouse and my medical marijuana greenhouse. I would recommend Joseph Axtell and The Grow Pros to anyone in Penn Valley or Grass Valley area who need a great greenhouse at a very affordable price.

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